Hertz to Offer Corvette Stingray Rentals

Hertz to Offer Corvette Stingray Rentals

If your idea of a dream car isn’t a Camry, then you might want to try Hertz.

The popular rental car company has offered a yellow C6 with a black stinger hood over the past few years. Now Hertz has announced that fans of the seventh-generation Corvette can also get their Stingray fix in several select cities across the United States – and at a reasonable price.

The 2014 Stingray and the Jaguar XJL have just been added to Hertz’s Dream Car Collection.

You can get the Stingray Hertz edition in velocity yellow or blade silver, all with black interior, starting at just $250 a day. As with the C6, the Hertz edition will feature a black hood stripe.

It’ll be available in Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego and a few other lucky locations.

The Stingray, of course, features a 6.2-liter V8 that produces 460 horsepower and scoots from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds.

Hertz has long been a fan of offering its rental customers more than the usual boring family sedans. Remember the Shelby Mustang GT-H it offered in 1966 as part of its Rent-a-Racer program. Nowadays, the Hertz Adrenaline Collections includes the Camaro SS, Ford Mustang GT, and Challenger R/T.

During the C6 era, Hertz had their own special edition Corvette called the ZHZ. They were quite popular and produced much fodder for this blog back in the day. Check out the related articles to see what’s in store for the Hertz Corvette Stingray.


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