Chevrolet and Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch Team Up to Surprise Returning Soldier’s Family

Chevrolet and Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch Team Up to Surprise Returning Soldier's Family

Our friends at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch recently played a role in an emotional surprise family reunion for a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Chevrolet, The Today Show, and Spring Mountain teamed up to make the reunion a possibility.

Cindy Lowman and her daughter arrived May 18 at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, where they were asked to do an interview with a “Today Show” crew posing as a crew shooting a commercial for the ranch. Cindy talked about her life, her passion for Corvette and her excitement about participating in the driving school.

Soon, three Corvette Stingrays pulled up, and the helmeted instructors walked up to greet Cindy and her daughter, who by the way had not seen a special someone in their family in seven months.

One by one, the instructors took off their helmets and introduced themselves, until finally the last driver slowly removed his headgear to reveal that it was that missing family member, Cindy’s husband, Lt. Nathan Lowman.

The Corvette-themed reunion was especially fitting for the Lowman family.

“Before I graduated high school, knowing I was joining…to serve our country, I went to my local dealership and took a picture in a brand-new 1994 Corvette,” Lt. Lowman recalled. “I stated at that time that ‘one day I am going to own one of these!’ ”

Well, he does now.

He and Cindy today are the owners of a 1992 Corvette, a car that they have now transformed into a tribute to a fallen soldier, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Keith Yoakum.

Lowman's 1992 Tribute Corvette

What better way to honor our country’s heroes than to use America’s most popular sports car, the Corvette?

Lt. Lowman definitely agrees with that sentiment.

“So why is Corvette significant, you may ask. It is because it is like the American Dream,” he said. “Corvette is America’s sports car and what better car to have as a defender of America?”

Click here to watch the official Chevrolet video of Lt. Lowman’s family reunion and make sure to also check out the Today Show video which shows his daughter ordering her dad to do 20 pushups following the reveal.


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