Debunking a Stupid Rumor About a Special Series of 2014 C6 Corvette ZR1s

Debunking a Stupid Rumor about a Special Series of 2014 C6 corvette ZR1s

Checking the news this morning after a long weekend, I found this story on proclaiming that Chevrolet isn’t quite done with the C6 generation ZR1 yet. For 2014 and 2015, Chevy will still be offering not only the ZR1 in C6 form, but a special edition that’s been modified to run a 0-60 mph in 2.65 seconds and has a quarter mile time of 9.7 seconds at 140.2 mph.

AutoSpies is referring to this magical series of C6 ZR1s as the “Final 638”, a special run of 50 Corvettes which will begin production on May 26th with a sticker price expected to be $129,000 – $130,000. The author claims the first of the “Final 638” cars was sold on Saturday to a buyer who paid $185,000. That car, a Jetstream Blue ZR1 is reportedly shown above as the first actual “Final 638” ZR1.

The spec’s for this C6 Corvette are crazy too. The curb weight has been reduced by 375 lbs to bring it down from 3,344 pounds to 2,969. Add the aforementioned quarter mile and 0-60 mph times and this would qualify as the most powerful Corvette ever built by Chevrolet.

Except its a myth.

Why would Chevrolet come out now with a more powerful Corvette based on the last generation body style which ended production over a year ago. Why would Chevrolet allow a previous generation car to compete with the coming sale of its new flagship, the Corvette Z06, a car that has already bested the previous C6 ZR1 on GM’s Milford Ring Course? How is Chevy going to build these C6s when the production line for them no longer exists. Are they going to be built by hand?

Also, no car like this exists in Chevrolet’s order system so how could one be sold already while 49 have still to be built. A corporation like General Motors isn’t going to order a special run of 50 handbuilt supercars willy-nilly no matter how much we think of the Corvette.

This story is so bunk that the only thing missing is the part where the exhaust from the “Final 638” special edition Corvette ZR1 smells like unicorn farts. We’ll be looking forward to the follow up on this story once these “Final 638s” fail to materialize.

Here’s an update from GM Authority with Chevrolet’s response to this rumor:

ZR1 ended in 2013 model year. All of the tooling is gone, replaced when the plant was shut down for six months to prepare for the launch of the Stingray.

Just as we thought!


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