[VIDEO] “Ungrateful” Pattie Gets Her Corvette Stingray Blown for Her Birthday

[VIDEO] Ungrateful Pattie Gets Her Corvette Stingray Blown for her Birthday

Maybe we were a little too harsh on Pattie.

Remember her?

She’s the girlfriend who appeared to be ungrateful when her beau surprised her with the ultimate gift (at least if you’re a Corvette enthusiast): a 2014 C7 Z51 Stingray, black on black.

Well, Pattie recently celebrated her birthday, and her man Chris didn’t have to think too hard to come up with a way to top his earlier present: the full treatment on her Stingray’s powertrain that increased the horsepower to nearly 800!

After the couple traveled from Texas to Georgia to see what Ron Mowen and the folks at Vengeance Racing had done to her Stingray, there were smiles galore from Pattie this time.

“Wow!” she exclaims when she pushes the start button and the monster supercharged motor rumbles to life with a definite vengeance.

“That’s a heck of a birthday present, huh?” Chris asks.

“I’ll take it,” Pattie grins.

“You got cam, headers, tires, wheels, shifter, meth injection, and blower,” Chris explains. “Cause everybody likes to get blown for their birthday, huh?”

Pattie – this time with her seatbelt on after being criticized for not wearing it on the last video – takes her Corvette for a test drive and comes back impressed with her newfound power. “What’d you think?” Chris asks.

“My God!” she says with a huge smile and a slightly evil chuckle.

“A lot of power?” Chris asks.

“Oh, yeah!”

“Shifts pretty good?”

“It does, a lot better than it did before.”

“Well, I can’t give you an awkward hug because we’ll get criticized,” Chris tells her.

“No awkward hugs…a high five,” Pattie says, reaching out with her hand. “There you go!”

We’re glad to see that Pattie isn’t really bored with her C7. In fact, the video shows her office, completed with Stingray model, photo, and poster. Welcome to the fold, Pattie! Even her license tag says it all now: BLONC7.


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