[VIDEO] Corvette Stingray Shown in White House Correspondents Skit

[VIDEO] Corvette Stingray Shown in White House Correspondents Skit

Remember that 2014 Velocity Yellow Corvette Stingray that was spotted wearing the Washington D.C. vanity plate “The VP”? Turns out it was for Vice President Joe Biden. At least, that’s the premise behind a video shown at Saturday night’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

The video features the acting talents of both the real VP Joe Biden along with HBO’s VEEP Julia Louis-Freyfus who decides to skip the dinner and instead, Biden takes her around Washington D.C. in his Yellow Stingray.

Along the way they check out the Oval Office, eat ice cream in the White House Kitchen and then get matching tattoos.

Biden has been in the news several times this year regarding Corvettes so we’re sure this was a fun video to pull off.


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