Mid America Motorworks Expands its Line of 7th Generation Corvette Parts and Accessories

Mid America Motorworks Expands its 7th Generation Corvette Parts and Accessories

As the number of seventh-generation Corvettes hitting the roads of American climbs every day, those new owners now have a lot more options to make their Stingrays a little more personal, thanks to our good friends at Mid America Motorworks.

The popular supplier of Corvette aftermarket parts, based in Effingham, Illinois, announced today that it has expanded its C7 product line considerably. Check out their website for more information.

“As 7th Generation Corvettes are streaming onto the roads, we wanted to make it easy for 2014 Stingray owners to add a personal touch to their Corvettes,” said Mike Yager, founder and Chief Cheerleader of Mid America Motorworks.

Want to dress up your engine compartment? Take a look at their beautiful stainless steel or chrome underhood trim, including Fuel Rail Covers, Hood Panel Inserts and Intake Plenum Covers.

Inside and out, Mid America has lots to offer, including Dash Trim Kits, Taillight Grilles and Exhaust System Rear Filler Panels.

You can also increase performance at Mid America with C7 Mufflers and Cat Back Exhaust Systems from Billy Boat and other trusted suppliers, along with Air Filters and Cleaners.

We all know how particular Corvette owners are about their pride and joy, and Mid America proudly offers help in protecting their big investment. Check out their Front End Masks and Splash Guards that help keep road debris from damaging the paint, but if you do get a chip, Mid America offers Exterior Touch Up Paint.

The company says it’s adding C7 products by the day, and you can take a first-hand look at them on the Web at corvette.mamotorworks.com and click to view the 7th Generation Corvette Parts and Accessories.

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