Mid America Motorworks Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Mid America Motorworks Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Back when I was in high school in the mid-1970s, I was just coming into my own as a budding Corvette enthusiast.

Though I wouldn’t be able to buy my first Corvette until 1983, for years before that, I was well aware of a company known as Mid America Enterprises that offered products for those other people fortunate enough to already own a ‘Vette.

In 1974, a young tool-and-die maker from Effingham, Ill., named Mike Yager had borrowed $500 to start a company that unbeknownst to him at the time would quickly become a rousing success and would in fact be celebrating its Official 40th Anniversary on Feb. 23, 2014 with 80 employees on its 260-acre Corporate Campus!

Mr. Yager, who dubs himself the Chief Cheerleader of what is now known as Mid America Motorworks that sells millions of dollars worth of Corvette-related merchandise every year, was wise enough back in the 1970s to take a chance that there were others just as enthusiastic about Corvettes as he was.

It was a humble but heartfelt start for Mr. Yager, who took that $500 loan and began selling car manuals and other accessories from the trunk of a borrowed car at weekend swap meets, Corvette specialty shows, and other automotive gatherings.

Mid America Motorworks Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Can you imagine a world without Mid America Motorworks’ 300-page catalog today? Where would enthusiasts go to buy the literally thousands of items related to their beloved Corvettes? But when Mr. Yager took his leap of faith back in the 1970s, he was a trailblazer – literally helping lead the way to feed the hunger of what has blossomed into a hobby now enjoyed by thousands and thousands of enthusiasts By the way, Mid America Motorworks not only sells Corvette-related merchandise, but also VW-related items now.

Mr.Yager obviously believes Corvettes should be enjoyed by their owners, and so he started the Corvette Funfest event 20 years ago, an event that has grown by leaps and bounds, from 300 Corvettes that first year to more than 10,000 now.

But don’t think Mid America is resting on its laurels after 40 years.

The company has just hit an industry-changing milestone with the launch of a new E-commerce Website Platform that Mr. Yager especially has toiled over for many late nights. Mid America says it is “SO proud and excited to be able to bring an interactive, informative and enriched shopping experience to our beloved customers” on the Internet, with plans to bring customers’ shopping experience to the next level with How-To Videos, Technical Tips, Customized Products, Warranty Information, and much, much more.

Check it out for yourselves at www.mamotorworks.com and you can also watch a video about Mr. Yager and his 40 years of leading Mid America on this video:

Our sincere congratulations to Mr. Yager and Mid America Motorworks on this noteworth milestone in their history!

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