No Corvette Stingray for the Super Bowl MVP This Year

No Corvette Stingray for the Super Bowl MVP This Year

One of the coolest prizes in all of sports is the awarding of a Corvette for being MVP. Over the last few years, Corvettes have been given to Super Bowl MVPs Eli Manning and Joe Flacco, as well as baseball’s Mariano Rivera who won Major League Baseball’s All Star MVP last July.

But sadly, no Corvette will be offered this year to the Super Bowl MVP. Instead, Chevrolet has officially confirmed to us that they will be offering the games most valuable player a new Silverado High Country pick up truck.

We learned earlier in the week that the Chevrolet Silverado would have a presence during the biggest TV event of the year, with two commercials set to air during Super Bowl XLVIII. The first commercial is for the Silverado Heavy Duty pickup truck and the commercial is called “Romance”:

We spoke with John Fitzpatrick, Marketing Manager for Chevrolet Performance Cars at NAIAS about seeing the Corvette Stingray given away to the MVP. His reply was “that depends if we can get some TV time out of it”. Last year’s post-season celebration was sponsored by another company and CBS went out of their way to not show the Corvette sitting on the field.

Having the Silverado as the MVP prize makes a lot of sense as its one of the best selling pickups in the country and has a much wider user base than the Corvette Stingray. And since Chevy has committed to two commercials running during the big game, we’re sure that got them some sort of reciprocity to see the upscale Silverado High Country on the field during the celebration following the game.

Here a photo of the 2014 Silverado High Country Pickup Truck:

2014 Silverado High Country Pickup Truck

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