[INFOGRAPHIC] Corvette Z06 Domination

[INFOGRAPHIC] Corvette Z06 Domination

You know the Corvette Z06, any red blooded auto enthusiast does! This head turning, track dominating, ultra-performance sports car has inspired both racers and the everyday Corvette lover to add a little more excitement to their lives. The unique features of the 2015 Z06 are grabbing headlines and causing many of us to check how much equity we have in our house, and it’s not even on sale yet.

However, the new Z06 isn’t the only one that’s ever made waves in the auto industry — well actually, every time a Z06 has rolled off an assembly line, it’s been a game changer in the industry. We could talk about the Z06 all day long (and what a great day that would be), but we’d rather show you the distinctions of this glorious automobile with this awesome infographic.

A big thanks to GMPartsOnline.net for helping with the creation of the infographic. Click here for the hi-res version.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Corvette Z06 Domination


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