Ladies Listen Up! 6 Things to Say About the Corvette Stingray to Impress Your Man

Ladies Listen Up! 6 things to Say about the Corvette Stingray to Impress Your Man

Yesterday we showed the video of the guy from Texas who gave his girlfriend a Corvette Stingray. Based on her reaction we concluded that she wasn’t all that excited. But perhaps we were reading a bit too much into it. We do suggest that she, as well as other interested ladies who know their guys are into Corvettes might want to follow the advice of the women-oriented website The Stir on which offers 6 things to say about the new Corvette Stingray to impress your man.

Posted under the “Love & Sex” category, The Stir’s Jenny Erikson says she knows very little about cars, but she does know how to flirt. She says “…sometimes the best flirting is to have a little bit of knowledge about something boys find interesting. Like fast cars.” So she decided to learn more about the Corvette Stingray because called it the best sports car America has ever built”. So far so good!

So after doing some research into the new 7th generation Corvette Stingray, here’s her six things she suggests you could use in casual conversation when talking with guys about the new Corvette without sounding ignorant.

  1. After 60 years, the “Red Sox” of the automotive world finally got it right. This baby is a thing of beauty — inside, outside, and under the hood.

  2. Zero to 60 in 3.8 seconds. I guess that’s what a direct injection V-8 gets yah.

  3. They modeled the seats after the Porsche 911 buckets to make the cockpit more driver orientated. Plus three words: Hand. Stitched. Leather.

  4. I hear this thing hugs the road so tightly that the grab handles on the passenger’s side are a must.

  5. What do you think of the boxy tail lamps? The traditionalists really miss the iconic round ones, but I’m a fan of the update.

  6. So what if the mileage (EPA city/highway driving: 17/29 mpg) isn’t that great? 460 horses need to be fed.

So there you have it. Guys, you already know how cool it is to find a girl that can talk the talk. But girls if you really want to impress a man, instead of talking about it, how about showing up on a date driving your new 2014 Corvette Stingray! Trust me when I saw you’ll have him wrapped around your key fob in no time flat!

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