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GM Files Patent for 7 Speed, Dual Clutch Transmission

by Yoav Gilad on September 26, 2013

GM Files Patent for 7 Speed, Dual Clutch Transmission

We knew the C7 Corvette’s A6 automatic transmission was going to be phased out at some point and speculation has been rampant that a new, 8 speed transmission would replace it. After all, GM has been talking about the upcoming 8-speed for a while now. However, it now seems that the Vette’s next automatic might just be a clutch-less manual.

At this point it’s anyone’s guess whether this transmission will find a home in a special super-stingray (Z07 or ZR1) in order to compete with more upmarket cars (and command a larger premium over a “regular” Vette). But our guess is that it will completely replace the Corvette’s slushbox across the entire range– coupe, convertible, Z07, etc. This scenario would see GM’s trucks receiving the well-publicized 8-speed auto and the Corvette (and perhaps performance-oriented Cadillacs) getting the DCT.

Is this what you’ve been waiting for? What do you think about the Corvette having a DCT? If you’d like to review the patent application, click here.

GM Files Patent for 7 Speed, Dual Clutch Transmission

Yoav Gilad writes about automobiles with an emphasis on design and travel in general. He writes for Internet Brands Automotive Group professionally and you can follow him on Twitter: @KeepItWideOpen.


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