[VIDEO] Watch these U.K. Auto Strippers Part Out a C4 Corvette for Cash and TV Glory

[VIDEO] Watch these U.K. Auto Strippers Part Out a C4 Corvette for Cash

Usually when we think of TV shows about performance cars, we think about heart-stopping performance, custom paint jobs, or an electronics-love interior.

Well, a new TV show called Strippers: Cars for Cash on the UK’s National Geographic Channel takes a very different approach to that formula.

“From mashed-up Minis to sorry-looking Subarus, join two teams of qualified London breakers as they go head-to-head in a bid to turn piles of scrap into piles of cash,” we found on the show’s website.

That’s right, the teams have just three days to find, dismantle, and sell off the parts, so the pressure is on to make the maximum profit and win the challenge.

“This is the ultimate test of stripping skills and salesmanship, when motoring treasures are discovered, patience is tested and fears are confronted,” the website says.

On the third show of the inaugural season, they’re focusing on muscle cars. Their choices aren’t exactly what Americans might think of as muscle cars, but go figure. Anyway, the two teams wind up stripping a C4 Corvette and a 1993 Ford Thunderbird Sport Coupe.

No car screams muscle car more than a Corvette, according to the show, and we wouldn’t argue. While no one likes to see any Corvette torn apart, the situation reminds us of an organ donor who has sacrificed his life to help many other people live.

If you know much about cars, you won’t really be surprised to find out which team emerges as the winner on this unique show, but we won’t spoil it by telling you ahead of time. As the show says, “Let the breaking begin!”

This video runs 45 minutes so plug in your TV to your laptop’s HDMI port and microwave some popcorn because it’s a pretty entertaining show.

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