Criswell Corvette’s Mike Furman Joins CorvetteBlogger’s Advertising Family

Criswell Corvette's National Corvette Specialist Mike Furman Joins CorvetteBlogger's Advertising Family

CorvetteBlogger is pleased to announce that Mike Furman, the National Corvette Specialist at Criswell Corvette in Gaithersburg, MD has joined our family of sponsors. Mike has been selling Corvettes for over 34 years and he is ready to help you with your next Corvette purchase.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the Corvette Forum, you know that dealerships and “corvette specialists” come and go, but Mike has been a real mainstay. He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk as they say. Where forum members routinely call out bad service, Mike Furman’s customers will write about how he helped them find their dream Corvette or how he helped out with a service issue. Just read this post on the forum as well as the many “me too” responses, and you’ll see what we mean.

Mike is also one of those guys that likes to get outside the dealership. You can find him at many of the major shows (we happened to meet at Corvettes at Carlisle last year), and you’ll also find him participating in the activities of the Frederick County Corvette Club. And just last year he attended the 24 Hours of Le Mans where he got up close and personal with cars and drivers before and during the race.

So why should you work with a National Corvette Specialist like Mike Furman. First, Mike knows the Chevrolet ordering system very well and that can prevent many of the headaches when you put your order in for a new Corvette. Second, Criswell Corvette has the volume that your local Chevy dealer may not. That is very important in both selection and price and it’s especially important if you’re wanting to get a 2014 Corvette Stingray. Third, Mike can ship nationwide, so your new Corvette can be delivered just about anywhere – including the National Corvette Museum.

Criswell is also the #1 Callaway Corvette dealer in the country so if you’ve got that lust for performance – get with Mike as he has been selling Callaway supercharged Corvettes since their inception!

Here’s an example of how dealing with a National Corvette Specialist of Mike’s caliber is in your best interest. But I’ll let him tell the story:

Last Wednesday I got an email from a Corvette Forum member named Craig in Louisiana. He was seeking a very specific Corvette. He wanted a Velocity Yellow 2013 Grand Sport coupe with Auto transmission, Chrome Wheels, Yellow Stitching and 4LT interior. I ran a Nationwide search in GM’s computer system of all Corvettes on the ground and at the plant… ONLY 1 in the entire Country and it was in route from Bowling Green, KY to a dealer in Nebraska… As good luck would have it I had that Dealers name and cell number in my cell phone. I placed the call and arranged a dealer purchase from his inventory so I could sell it to the Forum member. 1 day of Fed Ex’ing paperwork back and forth with Craig and the whole plan was set in motion. His new 4LT Corvette is waiting to be picked up at that dealer in Nebraska and by next week Craig and his wife will be driving his long-sought after Corvette.

So if you’ve got that fever for a new Corvette, work with someone who specializes in putting people in the driver’s seats of new Corvettes. You can contact Mike Furman directly at 301-212-4420 or visit Criswell Corvette and leave him a message.

Criswell Corvette's National Corvette Specialist Mike Furman Joins CorvetteBlogger's Advertising Family

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