C6 Corvette Damaged in Crash on the Isle of Malta


Not much remains intact on the passenger’s side of a red C6 Corvette convertible involved in a crash Thursday with a minivan on the Mediterranean island of Malta (which is 50 miles south of Sicily), but miraculously the driver of the sports car walked away without a scratch.

Ironically, the 61-year-old driver was on the way to get a VRT test (Vehicle Roadworthiness Test) for his left-hand drive sports car. With the entire right side virtually torn away, the car definitely won’t pass the test now. It’s a good thing the car had not been converted to right-hand drive because the driver might have suffered serious injuries.

Eight occupants, meanwhile, were riding in the van, headed to the Maltese island of Gozo, popular with tourists as one of the top diving destinations in the Mediterranean, and were carried to the hospital, but authorities say none of the injuries appears to be life threatening.

The Corvette driver walked away from the wreck, shaken but unhurt after his car skidded to a halt. The driver’s side of the minivan was badly damaged, and the driver’s airbag was opened, stained with blood.

A co-worker of the van driver came to the accident scene with his own van and told Times of Malta.com that he had talked with his fellow driver.

“He answered the phone and said he was all right but in shock,” the co-worker said. “It was just meant to be a normal day at work for him.”

Friends of the Corvette driver also arrived at the scene and hugged him, grateful he was not injured.

The good news for the Corvette owner, who is a sports car enthusiast, is that he still has another nice ride in his garage – a Lamborghini!

More photos can be seen at the Times of Malta.

Times of Malta

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