Attic Parts Find Leads to Restoration of a 1966 Corvette

Attic Parts Find Leads to Restoration of a 1966 Corvette

A dream is literally coming true for Dean Tarkowski as he restores a 1966 Corvette owned by his late father.

“After his death (from cancer in 2009), I was going through some items in his attic and came across some things I dreamed I would find,” Tarkowski says.

Tarkowski’s father had owned a silver blue 1963 split window Corvette back in the 1960s but a rear-end collision totaled the car and put his Corvette dreams on hold – for a while.

“I still remember being a young kid and sitting in the back when Dad, Mom and me would go for an afternoon drive,” the Palatine resident said.

Then in 1983, his dad found a slightly modified Ermine White 1966 Corvette in Chicago and quickly bought it on the spot.

“He always longed for another Vette and when he found this one in 1983, it was a dream come true,” Dean said.

Fast forward to the present, and Dean’s dream led him to a startling discovery – his dad had put several of the original parts belonging to his 1966 427 Corvette in the attic, unbeknownst to his family, including the steel spring and some of the engine parts.

“I wanted to make the car as original as possible and that’s exactly how it is today,” he said.

In the days since his initial discovery, Dean has also found several file folders full of paperwork and documents he had never seen before, which told him more about his dad’s purchase nearly 30 years ago.

Attic Parts Find Leads to Restoration of a 1966 Corvette

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Photo Credit: Prestige Motorcar Photography

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