[ACCIDENT] Corvette Burns to the Ground after Rear-Ended by a Pickup Truck


This classic Corvette was a total loss and its driver was badly burned after a two-vehicle accident in Tempe, AZ this Monday.

Police said the Corvette was rear ended by a pickup truck and the impact spun the sports car out into the intersection where it caught fire. The driver of the Corvette was on fire after exiting his car and he suffered second degree burns.

According to abc15.com, Tempe police Sgt. Jeffrey Glover said the Corvette and the pickup were driving northbound on Scottsdale Road when the pickup rear-ended the Corvette near Weber drive. The cause of the accident was still unclear.

The unidentified Corvette driver is reportedly in stable condition with second degree burns to 70% of his body. The driver of the pickup suffered minor injuries.

This facebook video shows the fire department putting out the flaming Corvette.


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