[VIDEO] C5 Corvette Drag Races an Electric SkateBoard

[VIDEO] C5 Corvette Drag Races an Electric SkateBoard

When you’re one of the world’s best-known sports cars, people like to draw a line in the sand and dare you to cross it.

But recently, Carbuzz.com, in its Drag Race Tuesday series, featured a video that threw a different opponent at a Chevrolet Corvette C5: a motorized skateboard.

The Gnarboards Trail Rider electric skateboard isn’t your ordinary board, however. Its four 850-watt electric motors join forces to make a whopping 4.5-hp, but the weight advantage over the 350-hp Corvette means that the Trail Rider can hold its own, at least in a short race.

The two foes squared off in a series of five 75-foot races, with the results highlighting the quick takeoff of the little machine created by Joshua Tulberg. He claims it can go from 0 to its maximum speed of 28 mph in just 1.9 seconds, and we wouldn’t argue. Because the Trail Rider maxes out at 28 mph, the Corvette was able to come back and pretty much see the series end in a tie, still quite an impressive feat for the skateboard.

The races were held to highlight the Gnarboards’ Kickstarter campaign, which is trying to raise cash to finish the company’s first batch of eight electric skateboards. Prices range from $2,900 for the base model Commuter up to $4,000 for the Trail Rider.


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