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Live Blogging Corvette Racing’s 24 Hours of Le Mans

by Keith Cornett on June 16, 2012

2012 Le Mans - Live Blogging Corvette Racing's 24 Hours of Le Mans

We’ll be live blogging here throughtout the day and into the night as we follow Corvette Racing at the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Here’s the latest:

24:00 – Checkered Flag. #73 Corvette finishes 5th and #74 is P6 in GTE-PRO.

23:20 – Gavin in the #74 Corvette for the final run to the checkered flag.

22:25 – Magunssen in the #73 with fuel and new Michelins. Currently P4.

21:17 – Garcia pitsthe #73 Corvette during safety caution. Takes fuel.

20:25 – Magnussen pits #73 Corvette. Crew changes alternatior and batteries in under 10 minutes. Garcia in.

19:35 – Gavin back in action with #74 Corvette after massive 2 hour repair.

13:20 – Magnussen pits the #73 Corvette. Car takes fuel and tires.

13:00 – Magnussen in #73 Corvette is P7 and is 6 laps off the class leading #51 Ferrari. #74 Corvette still in garage/

12:32 – #74 Corvette back in the garage.

12:28 – The #73 Corvette rejoins the battle.

12:24 – The #74 Corvette has left the garage and is back in action.

12:06 – Magnussen brings 73 Corvette into pits, crew pulls car into garage with power steering issues.

12:02 – #74 Corvette back to the garage, Westbrook out of car. Half shaft repair.

11:31 – #74 Corvette is back out again after nose and gearbox repair. Now in 12 laps down in P8.

11:05 – #74 Corvette heads back to pits and goes into garage for a new nose.

10:58 – Westbrook noses into tire barrier at Arnage. Corvette Racing says he was forced off-course.

10:25 – Westbrook and #74 Corvette return to action in P6. Magnussen in P4.

10:15 – #74 Corvette loses rear wheel at Dunlop Esses. Limps around and goes into garage.

10:10 – Milner pits and Westbrook replaces him. #74 Corvette gets tires and fuel.

09:10 – Milner puts for fuel only. Double stint for driver and Michelins.

09:07 – Garcia pits after triple stint in #73 Corvette. Jordan Taylor goes for first night stint.

09:00 – At Midnight, Milner and #73 in lead, Garcia and #73 Corvette in P3.

08:12 – Gavin in GTE-Pro P1, pits and Milner replaces him. Car gets fuel and tires.

08:07 – Garcia pits #73 Corvette for fuel only. Antonio and his Michelins will do a triple stint.

Corvette Racing’s 6 Hour Report

07:14 – Gaving pits for fuel only. Double stint for driver and Michelins.

07:09 – Garcia pits for fuel only. Double stint for driver and Michelins.

06:48 – Gavin lays down his quickest lap of 3:57.841.

06:24 – Both Corvettes pit as the flag goes green. Gavin and #74 Corvette are P1 while Garcia in #73 Corvette is P5.

05:07 – Saftey car rolls after Toyota/Ferrari crash. Westbrook P2 and Magnussen is P6.

04:43 – Westbrook pits #74 Corvette. Takes fuel only. Double stint for driver and Michelins.

04:33 – Magnussen pits #73 Corvette. Takes fuel only. Double stint for driver and Michelins.

04:26 – Westbrook running 2nd in 74 Corvette. #51 Ferrari is P1.

03:46 – Milner pits the #74 Corvette. Westbrook in for 1st stint and car gets fuel and tires.

03:38 – Taylor Pits #73 Corvette. Magnussen in for 2nd stint. Car gets fuel and tires.

03:21 – Milner in three-way battle with #97 Aston Martin and #51 Ferrari.

02:49 – Milner Pits for Fuel Only. Double stint for driver and Michelins.

02:45 – Jordan Taylor into #73 Corvette for first stint at Le Mans

02:24 – Milner and #97 Aston Martin in epic Le Mans battle. Tommy reclaims P1 but Aston is right there.

02:08 – Tommy Milner goes around #97 Aston Martin to put #74 Corvette 2nd in GTE Pro, now hunting P1 #51 Ferrari 458.

01:50 – Gavin pits the #74 Corvette, Milner in for first stint. Corvette takes 4 Michelins and fuel.

01:45 – Garcia pits the #73 Corvette. Takes fuel only, crew makes tire adjustment.

01:15 – Gavin and #74 Corvette Lead GTE-PRO. #97 Aston Martin P2 and #71 Ferrari P3. #73 Corvette with Garcia is P6.

00:52 – Gavin Pits class leading #74 Corvette for fuel only. Double stint for Gavin and Michelin.

00:48 – SPEED reports issues with the 73 Corvette. Car pits at P7 Antonio Garcia in for Magnussen. Tires and Fuel.

00:30 – Gavin and #74 Corvette running in second place behind #97 Aston Martin. Jan Magnussen in 73 Corvette is P7

00:00 – Green Flag!


Cars rolling for formation lap at Le Mans – Oliver Gavin starts in 74 Corvette, Jan Magnussen in 73 Corvette. Here we go!

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