[ACCIDENT] 1960 Corvette Goes Up in Flames

[ACCIDENT] 1960 Corvette Goes Up in Flames

When you think of iconic c1 Corvettes, mostly likely the image conjured in your head is that of the classic roadster painted red with white coves.

Now imagine that it’s your Corvette and by the way, it’s on fire!

This 1960 Corvette was severely damaged on Sunday in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Details are a bit sketchy, but reports are that a man named William Russell was in his yard when he saw the flames underneath the Corvette and helped the driver out of the car.

Ironically, the Corvette went up in flames across from the old fire station on Broad Street in Weymouth.

Weymouth firefighters responded to the call and put out the fire. The driver wasn’t injured.

Unfortunately, this happens enough that its become a teachable moment for why you should carry a fire extinguisher. This classic Corvette was lost to a fire which looks to have started in the engine bay. If caught early enough, perhaps this fiberglass melt-down could have been prevented.

[ACCIDENT] 1960 Corvette Goes Up in Flames in Massachusetts

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Photo Credits: Paula Cushner

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