Top Gear Reviews the Corvette Grand Sport Convertible

Top Gear Reviews the Corvette Grand Sport Convertible

The folks across the pond at Top Gear have gotten their hands on a Corvette Grand Sport Convertible. Regular viewers and readers of Top Gear already know that they’re not huge fans of America’s sports car aside from its super human performance. You can see what they thought of the GS after the break.

The relatively short article takes aim at pretty much all of the C6 nuances we already know about. They comment on the navigation system, aging technology, and – of course – the interior. We’re sure that the navi unit and interior will be addressed in the upcoming C7. Keep in mind that the current car was developed nearly 10 years ago so we understand that the tech isn’t going to be cutting edge.

Towards the end of the piece they finally figure out what the GS convertible evokes for so many enthusiasts: top down driving on a smooth country road narrated by the sonorous tones of a thumping American V8. They describe the experience as “…the brawny ‘Vette clicks into place: a big-screen blockbuster from an era when men were men…”

In the end, though, they recommend that you spend a few more bucks on a Z06, Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R, or Jaguar XK. Just note that the latter 3 rides will cost you roughly $10,000 more than a Grand Sport Corvette. We’ll still take the GS…

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