Car and Driver’s Latest 2014 Corvette C7 Rendering

Car and Driver's Latest 2014 Corvette C7 Rendering

This new Corvette C7 rendering has been out for a while as we’ve spotted it on several threads on various forums. What this is is a revision of the “Rump Roast” Corvette C7 photo which appeared in Car and Driver’s April 2012 issue. This image is now part of Car and Driver’s C7 photo gallery.

While this revised C7 rear image and the “rump roast” image that appeared in the magazine both take their cues from the now infamous Jalopnik renderings, this is a bit different as the rear end has been toned down and is less busy than its counterparts. We also noticed the absence of the third brake light and the highly unlikely placement of the Chevy bow-tie where a crossed-flags Corvette logo should appear.

Corvette C7 Renderings

Corvette C7 Renderings

Corvette C7 Renderings

Corvette C7 Renderings

After revisiting these C7 renderings and reading the discussions on the forums, I’m feeling a bit of rant coming on.

All kinds of pronouncements are being made by people supposedly “in the know” or those “who have a friend on the Corvette team” about how exactly the C7 Corvette’s taillights will appear. It’s sort of ironic that for the C6, the most controversial design feature was the recessed front headlights and now for the C7 the controversy is on the rear taillights.

Will they be square or round? Will they be straight off the Camaro? Two years ago, Corvette was fighting for its life as General Motors went through bankruptcy. Now, Corvette enthusiasts are talking like its the end of the world because of how some artist rendered a set of taillights? If they are straight off the Camaro, will that really be the killer when it comes time to purchase the latest and greatest version of America’s sports car?

I doubt it.

The job of designing the next-gen Corvette is really a thankless job, that is until the new car actually drives off the assembly line. Then everyone will get in line and all we’ll hear is how this is the best looking Corvette ever.

Camaro taillights and all…

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