[VIDEO] GM Chairman Akerson Comments on “Top Secret, Revamped” C7 Corvette

[VIDEO] GM's Akerson Comments on 'Top Secret, Revamped' C7 Corvette

It was in 2009 that GM relauched the Chevy Camaro and it today its one of the most popular cars in its segment.

GM’s Chairman Daniel Akerson was asked in an intervew by Kathleen Walter of Newsmax.tv if GM is planning any other relaunches of popular models. Akerson responded by saying, “Not in the intermediate near term, I don’t think so.” But then the Chairman and CEO added the following about the 2014 C7 Corvette:

“We will come out with a new revamped — I’ve seen it, it’s not been published and it’s under wraps, top secret — the latest Corvette that I think will float a lot of people’s boats. It’s a great looking car and a real step forward.”

Anyone else catch that look in his eyes when he was describing the new C7? It’s good to be chief! Click here for more Akerson excerpts from his interview with Newsmax.tv.

The next generation of the Chevrolet Corvette is expected to debut in January 2013 at the Detroit Auto Show with customers to begin receiving their cars later that year.


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