Dealer Refused to Sell Corvette to Man with Cancer

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Our friends are recently shared a tale that should make every Corvette owner’s blood boil with anger and sadness.

One of Jalopnik’s commenters sent in a tale about a dying man with face cancer who was denied the chance to buy his dream car – a new Corvette – by a rude dealership that didn’t think he could afford it, despite the fact that he had the cash.

Let’s hope that this is just an urban legend and not the truth, though a quick search on revealed nothing of this sort.

Here’s the complete story as revealed to Jalopnik by drock905:

A friend of my mother who had a small landscape business was diagnosed with cancer in his face and had to undergo surgery to remove part of his jaw. The operation made it painful and difficult for him to speak but he kept his spirits up and positivity. Unfortunately the surgery wasn’t successful and after a while he was given a few months to live.

After the news he decided that since he had no family, had saved money his whole life he would buy the dream car that he wanted since he was a kid, a brand new Corvette.

So one day after doing landscape work he decides to go to the local Chevy dealer with the full payment in cash for a Corvette.

He pulls up dirty from a day of hard work driving his beater truck into the dealership. He asks as best he can to talk to a sales manager saying he wants to buy a corvette. The employees see how he’s dressed and how his face looks and proceed to tell him they can’t help him, then ask him to leave immediately.

He was such a nice guy he didn’t cause a fuss or make a scene, he just slowly walked out. Deep down he was devastated and embarrassed, so much so that he gave up the idea of buying his dream car and enjoying his last few months on the planet.

He died a few weeks later never getting his corvette.

If you can absolutely prove this story, drop us a line.


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