[VIDEO] Road & Track Tests Corvette’s Performance Traction Management System

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[VIDEO] Road & Track Tests Corvette's Performance Traction Management System

Corvette’s advanced traction control system – Performance Traction Management or PTM for short – can make even the best drivers better.

That was the conclusion of a Road & Track magazine test, in which professional driver Tommy Milner put a ZR1 through the paces on the track.

He was told to take corner B in all five modes of PTM, driving hard into the turn, then flooring the throttle past the apex and letting PTM manage the power as he steered the car. Then came time to turn PTM off and see if Tommy could beat his best time. It was close, but the computer still won.

The moral of this story: If you want to drive a ’Vette like Tommy, you’ll want PTM on your side.

By the way, PTM was introduced in 2010 on the ZR1 but is now available on Z06s with Magnetic Ride Control suspension.

Here are the results:

  • 1 Wet – 8.96
    For use in damp or wet track conditions by drivers of all skill levels. Engine torque is managed based on wet track conditions. Traction and yaw control are enabled.

  • 2 Dry – 8.62
    For use in dry conditions by less experienced drivers, or those learning a new track. Engine torque is slightly managed based on track conditions. Traction and yaw control are fully enabled. This is comparable to the Competition Mode on previous Corvettes.

  • 3 Sport – 8.63
    For use in dry conditions by drivers familiar with the track. More engine torque is available than in Mode 2. Traction and yaw control are reduced.

  • 4 Sport – 8.39
    For use in dry conditions by drivers familiar with the track. The same level of engine torque is available as in Mode 3. Yaw control is disabled.

  • 5 Race – 8.62
    For use in dry conditions by experienced drivers familiar with the track. This mode requires more driver skill than all the other modes. Available engine torque is maximized for cornering speed. Yaw control is disabled.

  • Off – 8.44
    Stability control of all types is disabled. Only ABS remains active.

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