[ACCIDENT] 1977 Corvette Looses Control On Rain Soaked Road

[ACCIDENT] 1977 Corvette Looses Control On Rain Soaked Road

The 88-year old driver of this “Little Red Corvette” lost control on a rain-soaked road in Green Valley, Arizona last week. The Corvette bounced off the median, spun around and jumped the curb before it came to rest in a KFC parking lot, hitting a light pole which fell over on a van.

The driver was 88 year old Walt Kuzmak, a World War II Air Force veteran and Purple Heart recipient. Although a little shaken following the crash, he was uninjured.

The Classic red Corvette has been in his family for 34 years and it appears it received only light damage. Walt showed some humor following the incident by commenting on the damaged Corvette:

“It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a Corvette,” Kuzmak said. “That’ll be about seven-thousand bucks.”

Green Valley News
Photo Credit: Andrew Saenz | Green Valley News

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