RUMOR: C7 Corvette to Lose Split-Window, Retain 6.2L V8

RUMOR: C7 Corvette to Lose Split-Window, Retain 6.2L V8

Another week, another round of rumors about the development of the next generation C7 Corvette. GM Inside News is saying that the C7 will be an evolution (not revolution) of design from the C6, and that we are to expect a more European-looking design. Not breaking news so far, they did say they were able to confirm that the split rear window will not be on the next-gen Corvette.

The split window was only found on the 1963 Corvette coupe and designers borrowed the feature years later for the Stingray Concept which appeared in the first Transformers movie. And while speculation has run wild that the C7 would come similarly equipped, that rumor was borne from none other than GM’s own design chief who proclaimed that it would be there.

In September of 2009 in an interview with Inside Line, General Motors Vice President of Global Design Ed Welburn said “the split-window is something that I expect for the next Corvette.. If in fact that Welburn has reversed himself on that feature would be an interesting question once the true design is known.

GM Inside News also says the Corvette will continue to be powered by a base 6.2L V8 and not the more fuel efficient 5.5L V8 we’ve been hearing about. They also say that the 7-speed manual transmission is confirmed for the 2014 Corvette as well.

The interior of the new Corvette is expected to get a major upgrade with a complete redesign and use of higher quality materials. We have screamed our support for the Corvette to get the Cadillac CUE infotainment center with its capacitive-touch screen. Although CUE’s lead designer Stuart Norris recently said “There are things that we are doing on CUE that are only going to be available in a Cadillac-priced vehicle.” , it’s now sounding like at best we’ll get some knock-off version of the CUE or worse case, Corvette will end up with the Chevy’s MyLink system that will be featured in the newly redesigned 2013 Malibu. I know.

The 2014 Corvette is expected to be launched in mid-to-late 2013 and will continue to be built at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant.

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