Download the 2012 Corvette Brochure

Download the 2012 Corvette Brochure

Here is the 2012 Corvette Brochure in pdf format.

The 2012 Corvette Brochure

The 2012 Corvette Brochure is a different format this year than we’ve seen recently. Three members of the Corvette production team – Harlan Charles, Tadge Juechter, Kirk Bennion are joined with Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan and driver Tommy Milner – to discuss their unique perspectives on how the current production model of Corvette shares its performance and design directly with the Le Mans winning race car, the Corvette C6.R.

In fact, after reading much of the brochure, I am reminded of my younger days when LPs were the preferred format for music and the album cover and liner notes would feature the artist’s interpretation of their music so we can all get a better grasp of what they were trying to accomplish. In addition to the roundtable discussion, you’ll find a wide array of photos and the awesome writing that Chevy brochures are known for.

Science creates art. Chevy runs deep.


Download the 2012 Corvette Order Guide
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Download the Digital Version of the 2011 Corvette Brochure



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