Update from GM on 2012 Corvette Production

Update from GM on 2012 Corvette Production

GM has released an update on the current production statistics of the 2012 Corvette through October 10th. From it we can gather some of the purchasing habits of new Corvette owners including models and colors as well as acceptance of certain options. The Grand Sport Corvette Coupe is the most popular model with 43% of all Corvettes produced and 23% of new Corvette owners picked Torch Red as their favorite color. Of special note is the new Centennial Corvette package which accounts for 17% of all new Corvettes produced so far.

Here are the slides of 2012 Model Year Corvette Production through Oct 10, 2011 from GM:

Update from GM on 2012 Corvette Production Update from GM on 2012 Corvette Production Update from GM on 2012 Corvette Production
Update from GM on 2012 Corvette Production Update from GM on 2012 Corvette Production Update from GM on 2012 Corvette Production
Update from GM on 2012 Corvette Production    

The sales data on the GM charts is through October 10, 2011 and using GM’s monthly production numbers, we estimate that about 4,300 Corvettes have been built through that date. With that number, we can use the provided percentages calculate the estimated quantities:

Coupe 24% 1,032
Convertible 7% 301
Grand Sport Coupe 43% 1,849
Grand Sport Convertible 20% 860
Z06 4% 172
ZR1 3% 129
  TOTAL: 4,300
Torch Red 23% 989
Carbon Flash 17% 731
Blade Silver 14% 602
Arctic White 13% 559
Supersonic Blue 9% 387
Velocity Yellow 7% 301
Carlisle Blue 6% 258
Crystal Red 5% 215
Inferno Orange 5% 215
Cyber Gray 1% 43

Using the same estimated production figure of 4,300 MY 2012 Corvettes along with the percentages of the ZLC Centennial Edition package provided in the slides, we can extrapolate the quantities for Coupes/Convertibles and Grand Sport Coupes/Convertibles. Although the percentages of ZLC production for Z06/ZR1 were not provided in this update, we can estimate them based on the 17% of buyers opting for Carbon Flash – the Centennial Corvette’s exterior color.

Coupe 6% 62
Convertible 7% 21
GS Coupe 19% 350
GS Convertible 22% 189
Z06/ZR1 36% 108

One other stat worth noting is if you look at the model year data, you will see the penetration of the 1LT package on the standard Coupe is 52%. That means that 1 of about every 4 Corvette buyers are going with the least expensive model and over half of them are going with the standard equipment package. Reviewing 2010’s October production update (for 2011 MY), that number for 1LT base Corvettes stood at 37%. We’re not sure what that means, but we think buyers would rather be in a base Corvette than no Corvette at all.

And finally, what the heck is Space Blue? Was that the original working name of Carlisle Blue? Hmmmm.

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