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Configure Your New Corvette on GM’s 2012 Corvette Website

by Keith Cornett on October 17, 2011

Configure Your New Corvette on the New 2012 Corvette Website

We’ve been hitting the official GM website for Corvette every couple of weeks to see when they were going to make the switch from the 2011 to the 2012 model year Corvette and this weekend we were rewarded with the new website. In addition to the pictures and model comparisons, GM has added a new “Customize Your Vehicle” configurator which allows potential Corvette buyers to see all the options available on the car.

As we start our tour of the new 2012 Corvette website, the home page lays out the six different Corvette models. Click on one of the models and you get a detailed page about that specific Corvette model. When we hit the Grand Sport Convertible page, we are presented with a hero image at the top of the page that allows us to change the color of the exterior. Scrolling down the page, we get details on the new Corvette Centennial package as well as informational areas on the performance, interior and exterior refinements and the technology that goes into building America’s favorite sports car. Each of the model pages is different and so its quite fun to surf the site and see how each model is presented.

But the real fun comes with the vehicle configurator. Hitting the “Build Your Own” button brings up the configurator in the model you selected. Select your trim level and then you’re ready to start personalizing your new Corvette. I selected a 3LT Corvette Convertible Grand Sport and painted it Crystal Red. For the interior, you can select the available colors and surfaces for the trim level. From there you can add any available packages like the Grand Sport Heritage Package or the Centennial Package, select your powertrain options and color of brake calipers as well as any interior and exterior accessories. In addition to the standard options and accessories, you can also select dealer-installed Genuine Corvette Accessories as well. As you make your choices, the site keeps a running price of the car you configured as well as a count of matching vehicles in your area.

Here are a few of screen shots of the new Corvette website:

Configure Your New Corvette on GM's 2012 Corvette Website Configure Your New Corvette on GM's 2012 Corvette Website Configure Your New Corvette on GM's 2012 Corvette Website

You can see the new 2012 Corvette website at

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