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Corvettes on eBay: How to Sell a 1984 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on October 7, 2011

Corvettes on eBay: How to Sell a 1984 Corvette

When the 1984 Corvette was introduced, it was the pinnacle of Chevy performance at that time. But unfortunately, time hasn’t been all that good to the first models of the C4 generation. Some blame the 205 hp cross-fire engine that powered the early C4 Vettes while over-production pushed the number of them available to over 51,000. Regardless, as far as Corvettes go, there are a number of these cars out there and so sellers will sometimes get creative on how to best present them for sale.

Here is a 1984 Bright Red Corvette for sale on eBay. Like many from this year, the Corvette was driven pretty regularly and the result is 110,000 miles on the odometer. The condition of this Corvette looks to be in relatively good shape although the seller does note that the AC doesn’t blow cold, the stereo needs to be replaced and the engine is making a “slight lifter noise”.

So how do you get ebayers interested in a sub-$5,000 C4 Corvette? One small used car dealership in Salem, Oregon is talking the tried and true approach of dressing up the car with a scantily-dressed model named “Sierra”.

How to Sell a 1984 Corvette How to Sell a 1984 Corvette How to Sell a 1984 Corvette
How to Sell a 1984 Corvette How to Sell a 1984 Corvette How to Sell a 1984 Corvette

The pictures of Sierra on the Bright Red Corvette has generated a number of responses from potential buyers, but most of the inquiries are about her and not the car. The seller responds to one question about the model by replying that the winner of the auction will receive an 8×10 photo of the girl. Not quite enough to make us think about purchasing the car, but hey, whatever it takes to move the Chevy down the road.

The auction ends today but so far no one has stepped up to bid. The starting price is just $4,250 and like we said, it comes with an 8X10!! Check out more photos of the Corvette (and Sierra) on e-Bay or the seller’s website.

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