[PIC] NY Governor Cuomo Attends a Corvette Show

[PIC] NY Governor Cuomo Attends a Corvette Show
Photo: Robert Stolarik for The New York Times

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo attended a Corvette show Sunday in East Meadow, N.Y., driving his 1975 Bright Blue Corvette that he bought in college for $4,750.

“I use it — it’s not a show car by any means,” Cuomo said. “I leave it in a parking lot, so the car isn’t as clean as these cars. It’s far from perfect.”

Cuomo said he spent the day before the show changing his oil and cleaning up the car and was a bit sore from the work.

“I’m all sore today,” he told the crowd. “I’m all cramped from moving around the car. But it is a great passion. It’s a great hobby.”

Proof that Corvettes can trump politics, Governor Cuomo (D) parked his Stingray next to gold 1969 Corvette, owned by Nassau County executive Edward Mangano (R), and the two shared tips on cleaning grime from the engine manifold. For the record, the Governor prefers a toothbrush.

Read more about Mr. Cuomo’s day at the Corvette show at NY Times.

NY Times

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