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[VIDEO] Borla Outfits Bondurant’s Grand Sport Corvettes for Exhaust Test

by Keith Cornett on August 10, 2011

[VIDEO] Borla Outfits three Bondurant Grand Sport Corvettes for Exhaust Test

Aftermarket exhaust systems offer an alternative to the Corvette’s stock exhaust and some of the benefits usually include a bump in horsepower and a more aggressive sound. But as many aftermarket exhaust buyers have come to learn, it’s sometimes difficult choosing a new system because you don’t really get a chance to evaluate the tune of the exhaust side by side. Enter Borla Exhaust, who outfitted three Bondurant Grand Sport Corvettes to showcase their new exhaust systems in a new video released this week.

The three new Borla exhaust systems tested were “Touring”, “S-Type II” and “ATAK”. The three systems all add about the same amount of power to the C6 Corvette, but Borla is able to shape the sounds differently to appeal to different types of owners.

The Grand Sport Corvettes were chosen as it gave Borla the opportunity to compare and contrast the three systems on the same exact C6 Corvette platforms. The unique test also allows prospective buyers to get feedback from three of Bondurant’s top gun instructors.

After the instructors have put the Borla-equipped Corvette Grand Sports through their paces and provided their feedback, Bob Bondurant gives his testimonial on why he chooses Borla as his aftermarket exhaust system.

Check out the exhaust test below and get ready for some serious Corvette ear candy!

You can find out more about Borla Exhaust systems at If you liked all that action provided by the Bondurant instructors and their Velocity Yellow Grand Sports, perhaps it’s time you attended one of Bondurant’s high performance driving events. Check out for a list of upcoming events.

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