[VIDEO] Mom Gets Taken For a Ride Around Laguna Seca in a Corvette Z06

[VIDEO] Mom Gets Taken For a Ride Around Laguna Seca in a Corvette Z06

I love these kinds of videos that show hapless passengers hanging on for dear life as they are taken for a ride around a race track. But for some reason, it’s even more fun when that passenger is your own mother. One driver named Darius not only takes his mom for some hot laps around Laguna Seca in a Corvette Z06, he makes sure a camera captures the whole experience.

I think my favorite line from this mom comes right at the beginning – “Thank God I didn’t eat lunch first”. That was probably a good move because her first trip down Laguna’s Corkscrew is priceless. And even with his helmet on, you can tell Darius is really enjoying putting his mom through the 1+ lateral G’s the Z06 is capable of.

One of the reasons we founded CorvetteBlogger was for sharing the Corvette Lifestyle and this video sums that up perfectly. A mom and son sharing a memory that will last a lifetime and the Chevy Corvette was what made it happen.

FYI, in the YouTube comments, Darius says he’s taking her to Infineon Raceway next. Go mom go!

YouTube.com via Autoblog

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  1. That was a great video of a mom and son having some fun!!! It’s great see
    that a son can share his dreams and ambitions even in today’s world. We
    as a society need more sharing experiences with our own families as
    this video documents to the world. I also noticed that the driver and the “Z”
    was able to put distance between them and the other cars on the track.
    Great times, great car!!

  2. This was so cooooll!!! I laughed so hard I cried and I cried because of how awesome is this between the two of them. She is a cool mother. I really liked the comment, “I’ll have a beer now!”


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