See Corvette Central’s Cutaway C4 Corvette at Bloomington Gold

See Corvette Central's Cutaway C4 Corvette at Bloomington Gold

We got a message from our friends at Corvette Central that Chris Petris and the Cutaway C4 Corvette will be attending Bloomington Gold this week. Today, you’ll find Chris and the Cutaway Corvette doing seminar duty as part of Bloomington’s Gold Cubic Knowledge series. Petris will be answering your questions in the seminar entitled “C4-C5-C6 Maintenance Tips”.

Much like the GM cutaway Corvettes that were displayed at car shows over the years, we’re sure you’ll find Corvette Central’s C4 Cutaway Corvette to be an interesting conversation piece for sure.

Following the Cubic Knowledge Seminar, you’ll find the Cutaway Corvette on display at Corvette Central’s booth. Come by on Friday and Saturday for a meet and greet with Chris Petris who built the unique ’88 Corvette.

Click here for a hi-res photo and make sure you check out our original post detailing Corvette Central’s Cutaway C4 Corvette.

Corvette Central

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