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Consider this an open post and feel free to leave your comments. We’ll be live blogging here throughtout the day and into the night as we follow Corvette Racing at the 24 hours of Le Mans.

24:00 – Corvettes for the win at Le Mans! #73 Corvette C6.R wins GTE PRO and #50 Larbre Competition Corvette wins GTE AM.

23:54 – @olivergavin: Serious nail biting time down here @corvetteracing ,all going 2 plan, just last 2hrs have taken forever! Matador in for the finish. #73

23:28 – Garcia makes final pit stop, tops off Fuel and heads out.

23:15 – Antonio Garcia leads GTE in the #73 Corvette by 80 seconds over #51 Ferrari.

22:56 – Milner pits the #73 Corvette. Antonio Garcia replaces him and gets fuel only. 1 Hour to go!

21:58 – Milner and #73 Corvette take the lead in GTE PRO.

21:38 – Corvette cuts the lead to 19 seconds. Milner chasing down #51 Ferrari.

20:59 – Garcia pits #73 Corvette. Milner goes in, tires and fuel. Ferrari lead is 66 seconds.

20:01 – #73 Corvette Pits for Fuel. Garcia stays in car. Weather starting to change.

19:03 – #73 Corvette Pits. Garcia in for Milner who double stinted.

19:00 – #73 Corvette is P2 in GTE, 1 lap behind #51 Ferrari.

18:00 – #50 Larbre Competition Corvette running P1 in GTE AM

17:50 – @rwestbrook1: Felt like we had that one covered….devastated….but great effort by everyone @CorvetteRacing

17:15 – @olivergavin: LM24 can b very tough sometimes… Jan had contact with Porsche coming out of Porsche curves, we r out. Tough on the team, we had control…

17:12 – #74 Corvette retired while leading after accident at exit Porsche Curves, Magnussen OK, car severely damaged and lost drive.

17:06 – #73 Corvette pits. Milner in for Beretta. (lap 215) Fuel and tires. P2

16:35 – #74 Corvette with Magnussen goes off-course. Mags okay, but Corvette is finished.

15:54 – #73 Corvette pits for 15th time. Beretta in for Garcia. Four tires and fuel.

15:10 – Safety Car out Again. #74 Corvette with Gavin is P1, #51 Ferrari is P2 and #73 Corvette with Garcia is P3.

Interview with Richard Westbrook following stint in #74 Corvette C6.R

14:06 – Safety Car out. #74 Pits. Gavin in for Westbrook. Tires, Fuel and Brake Rotors.

13:32 – #73 Corvette with Garcia pits for Fuel.

13:06 – @TommyMilner: Its 4am here. Time for some sleep. Seems like Rocky is OK! Great news. Hope Olivier feels better, I think he’ll be OK. Just finished my triple stint. Car is good. #plugginaway

12:55 – @corvetteracing: Check out Corvette crew installing new front rotors and pads on 73 Corvette – scheduled service for #LeMans #24H:

12:28 – #73 Corvette pits (lap 158). Garcia in for Milner. Fuels, tires and fresh brake rotors.

12:33 – #74 Corvette pits (lap 158). Westbrook in for Magnussen. Tires and Fuel. Maintains P1.

12:27 – #74 and #73 Corvettes running 1-2 in GTE PRO, Larbre Competition Corvette running P4 in GTE AM.

11:45 – Routine stop for Magnussen. He triple stints too. Takes fuel only.

11:41 – #73 Pits. Milner stays in for triple stint. Gets fuel and tires.

10:51 – Milner pits 73 Corvette for fuel only, Magnussen brings in class-leading 74 Corvette for tires and fuel.

10:30 – No 73 Driver Olivier Beretta is sick from fumes of the pace car he’d been following.

10:20 – @olivergavin: Still leading the GTE-Pro class…2 hours and 20 minutes under safety car due to another huge Audi crash. Really… Out of car after marathon stint/safety car. Still in lead by nearly a lap, so gd. Olivier has got unwell in #73 car, fumes from pace car.

10:03 – Green Flag. #74 Corvette P1, #75 Porsche P2, #51 Ferrari P3, #73 Corvette P5

09:55 – #50 Larbre Competition Corvette currently P1 in GTE AM. P2 Ferrari, P3 Porsche.

09:51 – #74 Corvette Pits (lap 120). Takes fuel and tires. Mags in for Gavin. Still under Full Course Yellow.

09:25 – #73 Corvette pits (lap 117). Takes fuel and tires. Milner comes in for Beretta.

Le Mans Recap: Corvette Vs Flying Lizards Porsche in Hour 6:

08:00 – Full Course Yellow. Gavin leads GTE in 74 Corvette w/107 laps, Beretta 5th in 73 Corvette w/106 laps.

07:50 – Safety Car out after #1 Audi crashes.

07:20 – #74 Corvette pits (lap 99). Gavin stays in car. Gets fuel and windshield plastic pulled.

That last pit stop went a little long. Plus, interview with Doug Louth, Corvette Racing engineering director:

07:17 – #73 Corvette pits (lap 98). Beretta for Garcia. New tires and fuel.

07:05 – @tommymilner: My first stint is out of the way. Had a fun run in the C6.R – My next stint in the car will be in 2-3hrs. Olivier is in next. We’re not the quickest but we have decent pace. Gotta have a trouble free run! If you’ve got any questions fire away!

07:05 – The #56 BMW goes to the garage, putting Corvettes 1-2. (74/73)

06:30 – Gavin and #74 Corvette really moving. Just ran 4:00.909.

06:24 – #73 Pits. Garcia stays in for 3rd stint.

06:18 – #74 Pits (lap 83) Gavin in for Westbrook. Tires, fuel. Remains in P1.

05:56 – @olivergavin: Good stints from @RWestbrook1, he’s in in 5 laps, then me 4 a double:-) still in the lead:-)

05:43 – Great ALMS battle: Garcia takes P5 from #80 Fancy Lizards Porsche.

05:22 – Garcia pits for loss of tire pressure. Gets 4 new Michelins.

05:18 – Westbrook pits the #74 Corvette for fuel and windshield cleaning. Stays in car.

05:12 – #73 Pits for fuel and windshield cleaning. Garcia stays in car.

05:10 – Garcia takes P3 when #51 Ferrari goes off-course. #56 BMW P2.

04:57 – Westbrook in #74 Corvettes takes P1 and Garcia in #74 moves into P4.

04:50 – Garcia #73 Corvette P5 is hunting down P4 #56 BMW. Go get him!

04:25 – #74 pits. Westbrook takes over for Magnussen. Fuel and 4 tires.

04:18 – #73 pits. Driver change with Garcia replacing Milner. Fuel and 4 tires. Entire stop took 49 seconds!

04:00 – #74 with Magnussen leads GTE with 51 laps. #56 BMW P2 and #51 Ferrari P3. Milner in #73 is P4 -1m 37sec.

03:30 – #74 Pits for Fuel, windshield cleaning. Double stints on the Michelins. Milner stays.

03:25 – #73 Pits for Fuel, windshield cleaning. Double stints on the Michelins. Magnussen stays.

03:00 – #74 with Magnussen Leads GTE by 1:06 over #56 BMW. Milner is P6 at -1.35 off leader.

02:40 – #74 Corvette Pits for Tires, gas. Jan Magnussen in for Oliver Gavin.

Chevrolet VP Jim Campbell Interviewed at the Corvette Garage:

02:30 – #73 Corvette Pits for Tires, gas. Tommy Milner in for Olivier Beretta.

Jan Magnussen interviewed in the Corvette Garage:

02:01 – Green flag, Back to racing. Gavin leads GTE in #74 Corvette, Beretta is P2 in #73 Corvette.

01:08 – Corvettes now 1-2 after pit stop cycle, 74 leads by 1m sec over 73. Red Flag due to Audi crash

00:53 – Live Corvette Racing video streaming online at

00:45 – #74 Corvette gets a fuel top-up and a headlight / Windshield cleaning. No sway bar adjustment like the #73.

00:41 – #73 Corvette comes in for 1st pit stop, Beretta stays in, fuel and rear sway bar adjustment.

00:30 – #74 Corvette (Gavin) running 3rd in GTE Pro, behind #51 Ferrari and #55 BMW. #73 Corvette (Beretta) is 5th.

00:15 – Gavin and #74 Corvette running in second place between P1 #51 Ferrari and P3 #55 BMW

00:00 – Green Flag!


Cars rolling for formation lap at #LeMans – Olivier Beretta starts in 73 Corvette, Oliver Gavin in 74 Corvette. Here we go!

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  1. After seeing the replays of the Audio crash, I find it hard to believe the P1 ended outside the crash barrier. The P1 was almost entirely over the rail, but somehow spun around and landed back in the sand. With the crowd there, it could have been tragic. Some of the spectators were literally within inches of being hit.

  2. This is a Corvette blog, right? So let’s have updates on the Labre Corvette as well! I am certainly cheering for the main team, but I like them in general. I hope they all do well. Can you do that?

  3. Corvette Racing doing fantastic so far! We need all the luck in the world to be trouble free. If we are, this could be a BIG day for Corvette!

  4. Corvette winning both GT classes is more than you could have ever hoped for.
    The Speed channel’s laser focus on the protoypes to the exclusion of GT was extremely disappointing.

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