Corvette 3D Experience to be First 3D Documentary about the Corvette

Corvette 3D Experience to be First 3D Documentary about the Corvette

Patrick Gramm of Gramm Productions/Digital Corvettes has teamed up with Onset3D Studios to begin work on a new project called the “Corvette 3D Experience”. It’s going to be the first 3D documentary about Corvettes and it will bring the coolest Corvettes from six generations right into the living room of viewers through the power of high-definition 3D. But before filming can start, Patrick needs YOUR help.

According to press release, The Corvette 3D Experience will examine the evolution of the Corvette since its inception in 1953. The movie will also explore the lasting appeal of the Corvette to owners and enthusiasts, and it’s ability to firmly claim title to America’s Sports Car.

Signing onto the project is the National Corvette Museum who will serve as a resource and location for the filming. A special theatrical version of the Corvette 3D Experience will be produced exclusively for the National Corvette Museum for public showing, offering the museum a new attraction and an additional revenue source.

Gramm, who will be serving as producer/director of the Corvette 3D Experience, said filming in high-def 3D is very expensive and so he and co-producer Philip Angelotti are turning to the untraditional method of crowdsourcing to raise capital for the project. Currently in pre-production, the Corvette 3D Experience will need a minimum of $195,000 to begin principle photography.

As a bonus for those that do donate to the project, Onset3D will offer special perks for those who participate. A special Corvette 3D Experience 2-Disc HD Blu-Ray DVD is offered to those who donate $100 and those that donate $1,000 will be invited to the Corvette Museum for an exclusive VIP screening of the movie. More about the crowdsource financing and bonuses can be found on

Here is an overview of the project with Patrick and Philip:

More information can be found at


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