[ACCIDENTS] Corvette Hits Tree, Lands on Home’s Front Porch

[ACCIDENTS] Corvette Hits Tree, Lands on Home's Front Porch

KMBC in Kansas City had this report about a Corvette that crashed into a house. The Corvette’s driver apparently was running from a routine police stop. After turning onto a small back road off Highway 150, the driver lost control and hit a tree which launched the Corvette airborne. Police found the wrecked Corvette on the front porch of a home.

An elderly couple lives in the home and the crash woke them up around 2:30 in the morning.

“All we know is that we were asleep in the upper bedroom and we heard a big bang. So we got out and walked around to the other bedroom. As I was walking barefoot through the hall, I noticed glass and dirt on the floor. Got there, and noticed the window was broken. About that time, the police car came down Horridge Road here, turned on the lights, and I still didn’t know there was a car laying on my front porch. We came downstairs then and saw the car on the front porch,” homeowner John Perne said.

Two people in the Corvette were seriously injured in the wreck and were transported to the hospital.


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