Another C6 Corvette “Dead Battery Entrapment” Leads to Hilarious Video

Another C6 Corvette “Dead Battery Entrapment” Leads to Hilarious Video

Another C6 Corvette Dead Battery Entrapment leads to Hilarious Video

I’m not sure if there is something in the water or if the moon is out of alignment, but there seems to be a recent rash of people getting trapped in Corvettes whose battery has died. We already told you of the one of guy who called 911 after getting locked in his Corvette ZR1, but here is another frustrated gentleman whose calls for help to his friends result in this hilarious video being posted on youtube.

** This video contains language that is NSFW.

Modern Corvettes have electronic door mechanisms and if the battery goes dead, you have to use the manual release pull. But unless you’ve had a Corvette or read the owners manual, you may be unaware of the fail-safes that GM has provided. First, both doors have the manual release pulls between the seats and doors. Just lift it up and the door will magically open. There is also a driver’s door release in the rear hatch. Check out for illustrations if you’re still confused.

The one thing you don’t want to do is pull the hood release cable so hard that it breaks. As one of the “friends” tells the trapped tech in the video, “you’re fu**ed!”

Corvette Online via Autoblog

Man Gets Locked Inside a Corvette ZR1, Calls 911 for Help



  1. Dumb-assery kills me every time. How anyone who has a Corvette – or any car for that matter – and hasn’t read the manual during the first month of ownership (like maybe on the toilet) is beyond me. Corvettes really aren’t Chinese Puzzle Boxes.

  2. Oops! my bad. I re-read the article. I says you already told us about the guy with a ZR-1. Now there is this second idiot (Z06)that didn’t know what those levers were on the floor by the seat~!!

  3. My grandma had this happen to her except she had the windows rolled down. She had to get my aunt to come over and help her crawl out the window. Afterwards she called me to tell me, and I laughed and told her about the manual override. She wasn’t too happy.

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