[VIDEO] Interview with Corvette Assembly Plant Manager Dave Tatman

[VIDEO] Interview with Corvette Assembly Plant Manager Dave Tatman

At the Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash, we talked with Corvette Assembly Plant Manager Dave Tatman. Dave came to Bowling Green last August and calls his assignment a “dream job”. We spoke about the shortage of the metallic paint pigment Xirallic and if that will effect production of the Centennial’s Carbon Flash paint, the investment in the plant by GM (being announced today btw), and the people who build the greatest sports car in the world.

Dave comes off as highly motivated and those that have worked with him since he joined the plant talk about him very highly. The other thing I like about Dave is that he was genuinely enjoying himself with the enthusiasts and owners he meets. We saw him discussing and answering questions as well as signing owner books and other corvette memorabilia.

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