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How to Watch ALMS Racing on ESPN 3 Without an Affiliated Cable Provider

by Keith Cornett on April 15, 2011

How to Watch ALMS Racing on ESPN 3 Without an Affiliated Cable Provider

When the announcement came earlier this year that the ALMS would only be shown live on ESPN 3, a lot of us felt left out as we are on non-affiliated cable providers. The thought of missing the entire season was disappointing to say the least. Recently, I literally stumbled across a way to view ESPN3 content. We’ve tested this only twice and both times we were successful in being able to view the programming on I really hope I’m not screwing the pooch as they say but if it worked for me, perhaps it may work for you.

ESPN offers a premium membership called the “Insider”. It gives you access to a lot of their editorial content. My wife became a subscriber last year to follow their outstanding football coverage. I found that when I visited ESPN 3 on her laptop, it recognized that she was an “Insider” and it allowed me to watch the content. Without the login, it would default to the message that says your provider isn’t affiliated. I tested this over and over on different computers in the house. The only way to see the content was with the Insider Account.

A friend we all know is also not able to get ESPN 3 content, until she used an “Insider” account and it let her right in to watch the ALMS qualifying this evening. So it appears the premium membership account is like being in the VIP no matter who your cable company is.

The “Insider” account info and benefits can be found here: Insider Benefits. Subscription rates start at $6.95 per month and are discounted to $3.33 per month with a 1 year subscription or $2.50 per month for 2 years.

This is not a case of the ALMS or ESPN trying to take you for more money. It’s just a pathway we found to be able to view the American Le Mans Series on ESPN 3. And I again caution you that this has only been tested twice and we are not liable or responsible for any attempt that fails.

Good Luck and Go Corvette Racing!


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