[VIDEO] ’12 Nissan GT-R vs ’09 Corvette ZR1 at Nurburgring

[VIDEO] '12 Nissan GT-R vs '09 Corvette ZR1 at Nurburgring

Nissan’s GT-R made a run in 2009 against the ZR1 on the world famous Nordschleife and they came within .3 of a second of the Corvette’s 7:26.4 lap. Two years later, the newly upgraded 2012 GT-R goes at it again, this time besting the Corvette by two seconds with a 7:24.22 lap. Check out the laps after the jump.

Here is a split-screen race between the 2009 Corvette ZR1 and the 2012 Nissan GT-R. Although not on the track at the same time, some enterprising fellas spliced the two videos of each car’s high-speed lap into one. FYI, Godzilla really starts to dig in around the 5:30 mark.

Watch the original Nurburgring run of the Corvette ZR1 with Jim Mero.


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  1. This is EXACTLY why the C7 ZR1 MUST have AWD. The Nissan weighs OVER 500 pounds more than the ZR1 and has just over 100HP LESS than the ZR1. So why’s the Nissan 2-second faster at the Ring? AWD. So, percolate on what an AWD C7 ZR1 would be like. Hmmm… DELICIOUS! I’m confident that the Corvette engineers and product planners are well aware of this and are hard at work on an AWD C7 ZR1. Are you getting WARM yet?

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