[VIDEO] A Corvette Grand Sport is Madison Alabama’s Newest Police Cruiser

[VIDEO] A Corvette Grand Sport is Madison Alabama's Newest Police Cruiser

Madison, Alabama’s police department unveiled their latest weapon for combating crime and building community relations – a Torch Red Corvette Grand Sport Coupe. The Corvette was donated by Jeff and Nilmini Thompson, owners of Systems, Products and Solutions, to give back to their community.

The idea was born from Jeff’s memories of a D.A.R.E car and thought the community could benefit from having a similar car, especially the relationship between kids and police. While the Corvette will be displayed in school outreach programs, local parades and other community events, the Grand Sport is a fully-functional police vehicle that will also be used for traffic stops and patrols.

The cost to the residents of Madison was zilch as other local businesses also stepped up to turn the Corvette Grand Sport into the fully functional police vehicle complete with lights, computer, video and other technology. Just another example of Corvette owners doing good for their neighborhood!


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