190 MPH YouTube Video Puts Corvette Driver Behind Bars

190 MPH YouTube Video Puts Corvette Driver Behind Bars

A YouTube video showing Dee Albert Replogle driving 190 mph in his supercharged Corvette on Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City served as all the evidence needed as Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers arrested the 30-year old on reckless driving charges. Troopers were able to trackdown Replogle who indicated that he was the owner and driver of the car as well as personally responsible for the YouTube account.

“I was extremely concerned with Mr. Replogle’s reckless driving and thought the YouTube posts might encourage others to do the same thing in order to garner attention; and our roadways are absolutely no place for this type of dangerous driving behavior or stunts,” said Colonel Van Guillotte, OHP Chief of Patrol.

Always watching Big Brother is. Something to consider before posting that legally-questionable but really cool car video…


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  1. Way to go Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Arresting someone for driving too fast and videoing it.

    In other news OKCPD arrest a 13 year old teen for carrying a permanent marker to school. I can’t make this up folks.

    In the meantime child molesters roam the streets. The sex crimes division of OKCPD is a complete joke

  2. Same thing happened a few years ago when a guy videoed himself doing 200mph on the 202 in Scottsdale, AZ in a Lamborghini Murchielago and posted it on youtube. People never learn.

  3. Definitely a dumb move by the guy who shot the video. However, here in Florida I’ve seen many instances where the police while in pursuit of an idiot puts many more lives in danger than the single idiot. How about let the fool go, don’t endanger lives, and have the helicopter follow the person until they stop. It’s been my experience that most people stop running if there is no one chasing them. How many stories do you see where a police officer hits someone and kills or injures them seriously while in a high speed pursuit– too many!!! Also, I’ve been pulled over for speeding on several occasions and it’s been my experience that 90% of the time the cop is the d!*k, I’ve had a couple even attempt to provoke me. I think it’s nieve to think that as a human that some cops have been working for years and can’t afford a $60k to $120k Corvette or other sports car and they get some satisfaction out of messing with those that do.

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