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Corvettes on eBay: 4-Door 1980 Corvette for $300,000

by Keith Cornett on December 21, 2010

Corvettes on eBay: 4-Door 1980 Corvette for $300,000

Jalopnik featured this 1980 4-seat Corvette on today’s nice price or crack pipe where visitors comment on whether or not the car for sale is worth its asking price. For $300,000 the seller is asking for is a premium price for sure and while every seller sees value in the Corvette they’re selling, some are a bit more confident than others.

The eBay listing is surprising short on specifics about this car other than to say it’s one of 5 1980 4-door Corvettes built for “GMC and customer sales”. Jalopnik has the backstory: Built by California Custom Coach, the 1980 Corvette was extended and the back seat section added, complete with t-top roof panels as well. Jay Leno is rumored to have owned one at one time.

This red Corvette was the last one built. It’s powered by a 350 and has just 20,000 miles on the odometer.

Corvettes on eBay: 4-Door 1980 Corvette for $300,000 Corvettes on eBay: 4-Door 1980 Corvette for $300,000 Corvettes on eBay: 4-Door 1980 Corvette for $300,000

The eBay auction ends at Wednesday, December 22 at 10:54:02 PST. Jalopnik points out that this is at least the second time the Corvette has been listed on eBay at $300,000 so as I said, the seller is confident that someone will appreciate his 4-seat Corvette as much as he does.

To put his price in perspective, take a look at this custom 1987 4-seat Corvette convertible we profiled back in November 2008. It was also listed on eBay but with a starting price of just $12,000.

eBay via Jalopnik

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