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Lawrence Welk Edition C5 Corvette Shows Unique Features

by Keith Cornett on October 28, 2010

Lawrence Welk Edition C5 Corvette Shows Unique Features

Here is one customized Corvette you won’t see a SEMA. With the demographics of Corvette owners trending older, I’m sure this won’t be the last Corvette to feature a scooter carrier. Hands down, the kicker of the photo is the “BYE” handicap vanity license plate which shows the owner not only has their faculties, but a keen sense of humor as well.

The flip side of this photo is that the Corvette is just too great of a car to give up. As long as the driver has their health and can physically handle the driving experience, I say good for him or her! To paraphrase Moses, I’m driving my Corvette until they take the keys from my cold dead hands!


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