2011 Corvette Production Statistics (So Far) by Model, Color

2011 Corvette Production Statistics (So Far) by Model, Color

Thanks to Corvette Conti, we have a couple of charts detailing 2011 model year Corvette production. Buyers are still flocking to the Grand Sport models which combined, makes up 54% of total Corvette production. As far as popular colors, the numbers are following the recent trend of Black being the most popular choice followed by the two Reds and Cyber Gray.

Assuming that these percentages are based on the 4,909 2011 model year Corvettes built through the end of September 2010, we can estimate the total number of models and colors produced.

Coupe 23% 1,129
Convertible 6% 294
Grand Sport Coupe 36% 1,768
Grand Sport Convertible 18% 883
Z06 6% 294
ZR1 11% 540
  TOTAL: 4,909
Black 20% 981
Torch Red 17% 835
Crystal Red 12% 589
Cyber Gray 11% 540
Supersonic Blue 9% 441
Arctic White 9% 441
Blade Silver 7% 343
Inferno Orange 6% 294
Velocity Yellow 6% 294
Jetstream Blue 5% 245
2011 Corvette Production 2011 Corvette Production

Conti also brings us a heads up on a new convertible top color for 2011 Corvettes. The new roof is blue in color and sports the 34T RPO. Chevy is opening up ordering for the new roof color beginning today and Kerbeck tells us they’re expecting to receive one of the first in the Country. As soon as photos become available, we’ll be sure to share.


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  1. thanks for the mention guys….just happy to report something fun and positive for our beloved Corvette. Some neat things are coming, we are just not allowed to announce at this time…saty tuned. The current car is an INCREDIBLE value, get one and enjoy it

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