[VIDEO] Last Lap at Petit Le Mans

[VIDEO] Last Lap at Petit Le Mans

In the final minutes of Petit Le Mans, both the #4 Corvette C6.R (in position 2 running -10 seconds down) and the class leading #62 Risi Ferrari came in to the pits for a splash of fuel. As the announcer recounts in the video from SPEED, the Corvette team got it right and Ferrari got it wrong when it came to how much fuel would be needed to make it to the end.

The implications for the wrong amount of fuel came at a high price for Ferrari, which not only lost the race, but lost the manufacturer’s championship to BMW.

Ferrari had enough laps completed that at the end of the race they were awarded third place. The Risi team was so devastated that the full team didn’t even show up on the podium to accept their trophies.

Team Corvette and Risi Ferrari on the Podium at Petit Le Mans

As a fan of the Ferrari team, I feel very bad for them and know they will be back with a major chip on their shoulders next year. Corvette and BMW fans may be celebrating at Ferrari’s expense but now there is major work to be done in the off-season to make sure Corvette can win more than one race!


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  1. One of the old rules form Dr. Murphy in Motorsport
    To finish first You have first to finish the race..
    Good moments for the Corvette-Team, bad result for Ferrari,
    new game next season…

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