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Chevy Allows You to Track Your Corvette Order Online

by Keith Cornett on September 15, 2010

Chevy Allows You to Track Your Corvette Order Online

No longer will customers be in the dark about the status of their new Corvette order. GM has introduced a new “Track Your Order” feature to allow customers to view the relative status of their Corvette or any other Chevrolet order. In addition to the event status, a representation of the customer’s Corvette will be displayed with the majority of the accessories/options rendered.

The new website went live today and can be accessed by visiting You’ll need your order number as well as selecting the state where your dealer is located.

Here is the letter that Chevy sent to dealers describing the new order status website:

Dear Chevrolet Sales Team:

As you know, we are always improving to make it an even more useful sales tool. We have made great strides this year including enhancing the ‘Build Your Own’ shopping tool so your customers can see how the majority of the available accessories and options render on their vehicle.

On that note, we are very excited to provide a new tool that goes live on Wednesday, September 15th @ 12am. Starting that day, your customers will be able to view an order tracking tool in the Owners Drop down section of the main navigation of This tool will be a useful sales and informational tool for your customers allowing them to view the relative status of their Chevrolet order, the visual 360 degree image of their vehicle with the majority of the accessories/options rendered on, as well as cross links to GM accessories zone and ChevyMall.

Depending on the event code that the order is in, the customers will see 1 of 5 event statuses describing what stage of the process their order is in.

The event statuses are as follows:

  • Order Placed
  • Vehicle Being Produced
  • Production Complete
  • Shipped/En Route
  • Vehicle is At Your Chevrolet Dealership

If the customer has any questions during this process, the selling dealer’s contact information, as well as a link to their website, will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

We hope this tool will be a useful addition to add value to the relationships between you and your customers. However, one of the caveats of having this tool available will be the requests that you may get from customers. The tool can only be accessed with a valid order number and the valid state that the order was purchased in.

Therefore, some customers may call and ask for their order number in order to access it. It is important to remember the orders will not hit this system until they have been submitted to Chevrolet.

Sincerely, Digital Team


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