[VIDEO] Road vs Track Showdown: The Corvette C6.R and the ZR1

[VIDEO] Road vs Track Showdown: Corvette C6.R and the ZR1

During Round 5 of the American Le Mans Series at the Utah Grand Prix, Road & Track Magazine put five GT race cars against their street counterparts to compare and contrast in what they call the Road vs Track Ultimate Showdown. Here is a teaser video featuring Corvette Racing’s Jan Magnussen who talks about how the Corvette ZR1 compares with the C6.R and what his choice would be if he could select one to drive on the German autobahn.

The money quote from Jan:

“In a lot of ways, the road car is above the race car. The race car will still do a faster lap around a place like here (Miller Motorsports Park) but if you took them both to the German autobahn, I want to be in the road car.”

An interesting exercise for sure, but I have to agree with Jan that comparing the two Corvettes is apples to oranges. Due to the ACO regs which prohibit the GT Corvette C6.R from running with the larger 6.2 liter street engine equipped with the supercharger, as well as utilizing the huge Brembo carbon ceramic brakes for stopping, the C6.R is essentially a “ZINO” – ZR1 in name only.

Look for the full instrumented test results in the November 2010 issue of Road & Track magazine.

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