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Service Bulletin: 2008-09 Corvette Convertible Tops May Tear at High Speeds

by Keith Cornett on August 30, 2010

2008-09 Corvette Convertible Tops May Tear at High Speeds

First it was the delamination issues with the early C6 Coupes that caused Corvette owners to lose their tops. Now we are hearing of issues with convertible tops as well. Owners with 2008-2009 Corvette convertible, you may want to keep your speed down as the convertible top may tear at speeds over 100 MPH. That’s according to a recent T.S.B service bulletin sent to dealers by

The New York Times’ Motoring section provided the following details regarding these T.S.B’s. compiles recurring problems with various models and then issues service bulletins to dealer service departments and mechanics on behalf of the manufacturers. These are not recalls and manufactures do not offer payment assistance for repairs beyond the normal warranty.

One of the recent T.S.B’s was issued July 1st, 2010:

GENERAL MOTORS Owners of 2008-9 Chevrolet Corvette convertibles may have trouble keeping a roof over their heads. In T.S.B. 08312A issued on July 1, G.M. said that the top fabric might begin to separate from its retainer bracket near the windshield. At speeds over 100 m.p.h., the roof material could tear from the front all the way to the rear window. A new retainer bracket should keep things together. This repair program runs through May 31, 2011.

GM has issued several recalls previously for the flying roof delamination issues but this is the first we’ve heard of issues with convertibles. If you have heard or seen this happen, please let us know.

NY Times Motoring

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